Humidity chamber & ACCESSORIES

To complement our usual full-fledged systems designed to help you with your claims substantiation, we – at BOSSA NOVA Vision – have developed a range of accessories designed to help you in your day-to-day work. This notably includes our humidity chamber specifically designed for hair testing. 

Those accessories can be bought with other BOSSA NOVA Vision systems or as stand-alone. Use the form below to contact us for a quote or if you need additional information.

Humidity Chamber and Controller​

Regardless of hair type, humidity is the universal nemesis of highly styled hair. In parts of the world where high humidity conditions are encountered regularly, even people who usually have no issues with their conditioning may have to fight those dry, unmanageable, fluffy stray hairs.

When building products for those markets, it is essential to understand and quantify how humidity will affect your product efficacy. A volumizer product might have very effective results in normal conditions, but may end-up being sub-par, not long-lasting or even have adverse effects in different conditions. Testing your products in different humidity conditions is often a part of product formulation that cannot be overlooked.

Our humidity chamber and controller were designed with cosmetic professionals for cosmetic professionals. Together they provide an easy-to use solution for conditioning hair tresses in a humidity-controlled environment and performing time lapses and other live measurements to help you formulate the best product adapted to your clients.

humidity chamber for hair

Humidity Chamber​​

Our see-through humidity chamber can hold several swatches at the same time for swatches storage or for measurements. By removing the front window, the BOLERO Lite or the SHUFFLE can easily be integrated into the Humidity chamber, allowing simple volume and fly-away / frizz measurements.

Humidity Chamber Controller

Our special humidity controller is able to control the humidity inside the chamber with a tolerance of 2%. Settings are easily controlled via software, which also provides a live humidity and temperature reading inside the box.

humidity controller
humidity chamber and controller for hair volume and frizz testing

Humidity Chamber Compatibility

This humidity chamber has been designed to be used conjointly with two of our systems : the BOLERO Lite and the SHUFFLE.

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SIRTAKI-Specific Humidity Chamber

A custom-made humidity box that was specifically designed to accommodate the Automatic SIRTAKI combing machine.

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Hair swatches accessories

Magnetic Hair Swatch Holder

Clips to hold your hair swatches for storage or for your measurements. The magnetic holder enables easy switching. It is also compatible with most of our hair testing devices like the BOLERO Lite or the SHUFFLE

Magnetic Stand

Magnetic holder compatible with our magnetic clips. Can hold up to a dozen hair swatches for your hair testing measurements.

SAMBA Hair Cylinders

Combing Cylinder

Rotating cylinder for forced shine measurement with the SAMBA Hair system or any other compatible device.

Can hold 3 swatches (1 inch wide max.) using 3 clamps and a combing device. Can only be used with combable objects.

Clamping Cylinder

Cylinder for forced shine measurement with the SAMBA Hair system or any other compatible device.

Can hold 3 (hair swatches, flat materials cut in bands, etc.) using 3 clamps on each side.


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