Automated hair combing testing

Enhance your haircare research with our automated combing device, the SIRTAKI, designed for analyzing abrasion resistance and hair strength in laboratories


Automatic combing to analyze abrasion resistance and hair strength is an essential tool for Hair Care R&D laboratories.

The SIRTAKI combing machine provides an adjustable combing rate – from 10 to 40 rpm with a steady, even torque – for up to 6 swatches at a time. A back-lit tray under the combing mechanism will be automatically slid open to identify and analyze the collected broken hair fibers. Each slot is fitted with up to 4 evenly spaced and easily replaced combs (or brushes as an option). 

Key features

  • Automatic combing at set speed of up to 6 swatches simultaneously
  • Can accommodate swatches with lengths between 5″ and 10″
  • Compatible with Humidity Box size XL
  • Analyze tray images and provide data including broken fiber coverage/count measurement, fiber length distribution, etc.
  • Can be set up with combs or brushes
  • Software and computer included
automated hair combing software 1

Brochures / Specifications

User Manual


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