Cosmetic Testing Systems

Designed to meet the needs of cosmetic chemists

Testing the efficacy of your product – especially when it comes to cosmetic testing – is not only a requirement when you want to advertise your product, but it is also the responsible way to conduct your business.

Our line of cosmetic testing equipment is dedicated to claims substantiation for marketing/advertising and product efficacy evaluation for R&D. The scientific analysis of the performance of a cosmetic product is at the core of our technology.

Used by the major cosmetic companies, our turn-key systems allow the easy measurement of various visual appearance parameters – gloss, alignment, volume, frizz, color, movement – for skin and hair care product efficacy claims and measurements.

cosmetic testing for haircare products
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Ready for your lab, our vision-based systems deliver representative data and images, for a clear understanding and analysis of the product performance. With our experience of more than 10 years in the cosmetic industry – especially for hair care products efficacy – we have steered the development of our system towards automation of the measurement, user-friendliness, and ease-of-use. 

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Cosmetic testing
For Hair Care

Cosmetic testing
For Skin Care


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