Multi-tools platform for hair testing
Volume - Frizz - Motion

The SHUFFLE is a modular tress-testing platform for your hair care products. Various attachments can be easily installed on a light-weight frame, allowing the user to test a wide range of visual parameters for your hair swatches with a single instrument



Crammed with years of optical R&D experience and feedback from cosmetic testers, the Shuffle consists of a collapsible frame that can be fitted with various attachments, allowing the user to measure a wide range of visual parameters using a single system. Those parameters includes :

  • hair volume
  • hair frizz
  • hair motion

Laboratories looking to expand their research and cosmetic testing capabilities without breaking the bank or cluttering their space with bulky equipment now have a solution, a cosmetic Swiss-army knife.

Key features

  • 2D Volume & Frizz measurement
  • Attachments available for additional parameters 
    • 3D Volume & Frizz (BOLERO 360)
    • perturbation assessment (HOP)
    • motion assessment (HULA)
    • straightness & alignment (RUMBA)
  • Compatible with Humidity Box size L (except with RUMBA attachment)
  • Time-lapse measurements
  • Analyze images and provide data including Volume, fly-away, evolution along swatch length, swatch length, etc.
  • Software and computer included
3D Bulk and Fly-away (BOLERO 360)
Oscillation analysis (HULA)

SHUFFLE Attachments

TRIO / WIDE (default)

For 2D hair volume and frizz

This attachment can hold three hair swatches at the same time and enables simultaneous measurement of 2D bulk and fly-away-frizz on up to three tresses or one large tress, including time-lapse capability.

hair volume


For 3D hair volume and frizz

This attachment consists of a software-controlled motor synchronized with the camera to image the entirety of a hair tress from 36 angles, reconstructing its shape at every angle, and providing a 3D reconstruction

hair frizz


For hair motion testing

This attachment consists of a calibrated motor which swings a tress back and forth, allowing the visual analysis of hair movement and hair perturbation, including time-lapse capabilities.

hair motion


For hair straightness & alignement

This attachment is put on the camera side and consists of a red illumination and 2 motorized circular polarizers with a controller box. It allows for the acquisition of orientation images.

Brochure / Specifications

User Manual


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