Hair shine measurements
for claims and research

Using polarization-imaging to separate the different components of light reflected from hair swatches, the SAMBA Hair extract valuable data for research and claims on luster properties of hair


SAMBA Hair is a unique device to analyze hair shine (also called hair luster or hair gloss). It is extensively used in the cosmetic industry to substantiate claims and evaluate products efficacy – such as shampoo, conditioners, shine sprays, etc. – on any straight hair.

SAMBA Hair comes as a turn-key system. It includes an imaging sensor head protected from the exterior within an in-vitro enclosure. The hair samples are positioned on a cylindrical mount that automatically moves in and out of the instrument.

Key features

  • Separation of Shine / Chroma / Diffuse images
  • Cylinder compatible with hair swatches  12.5 mm wide / 180 mm long
  • Software and computer included
  • Provides standard Luster coefficients (BNT, Reich-Robbins) for claims substantiation
  • Analyze images and provide data including profile intensity, band geometry, overlapping, etc.
  • Features a check-up cylinder to assess device performance, indicating PASS/FAIL status
Shina / Chroma / Diffuse images separation
Shina / Chroma / Diffuse angular distribution

Brochure / Specifications


User Manual


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