Volume & Frizz analysis​

Using polarization-imaging to separate the different components of light reflected from hair swatches, the SAMBA Hair extract valuable data for research and claims on luster properties of hair


BOLERO Lite is an imaging system dedicated to quickly and efficiently discriminate fly-away/frizz fibers from the bulk of hair swatches on a 2D image using light transmission variations to evaluate hair density.

This cosmetic testing equipment is designed to ensure portability, efficiency, and precision in the measurements for an optimal user experience.

Key features

  • 2D Volume & Frizz measurement
  • Compatible with Humidity Box size L 
  • Time-lapse measurements
  • Analyze images and provide data including Volume, fly-away, evolution along swatch length, swatch length, etc.
  • Software and computer included
Bulk / Frizz separation process

Brochure / Specifications

User Manual

Application note - Humidity protection


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