The state of our cosmetic testing systems projects

We are always happy to share our latest development when it comes to our cosmetic testing systems. As an example, the last few years have seen the development of :

  • our modular testing system for volume and frizz, the SHUFFLE, with its BOLERO 360 and HULA attachments
  • our own Humidity Box and accessories
  • our combing apparatus, the SIRTAKI, which aims to facilitate and streamline the combing process used to assess haircare products effects such as friction or breakage

To give you a little glimpse at what we are planning for 2022, you can find below some details about what is to come at BOSSA NOVA Vision.

Custom Humidity Box

The development of our own Humidity Box came from the frustration we had when we tried to test and purchase existing and affordable solutions on the market.

The system we ended up building specifically for hair swatch conditioning has been proven to be very successful, with a lot of requests coming our way to adapt the system to different configurations. The system was – at first – built specifically to work with our SHUFFLE system.

Lately, we’ve been working on a humidity box that would be able to fit our SIRTAKI system so that hair combing tests could be done in a humidity-controlled environment.

We are also considering developing custom-sized humidity boxes so if you have any special requests for your own humidity box, we are all ears!

Combing forces measurement

While the SIRTAKI was designed specifically as a combing system to emulate the type of damage hair fibers are going through, we also decided to automate an extra-part of the system by adding a camera. Its purpose was to automatically measure the quantity of broken hair fibers.

In the same vein, we are also testing pressure sensors to measure the force of the pulling between the comb or brush, and the hair fibers (cf. combing force graph).

This new metric is rich in information and would allow us to test conditioner efficiency and smoothing effects way more precisely, and open the door for new tests like comb detangling efficiency.


One of our goal with the SHUFFLE system is to expand the capabilities of our base system by adding new hardware attachments for each new hair swatch test we want to conduct.

As a replacement of our full RUMBA system, we have been working on a RUMBA attachment for the SHUFFLE base system. This new attachment will be able to extract the same orientation and alignment information as our old RUMBA was doing, but with even more precision and capabilities, and at a more attractive price…

And more...

Those last announcements contain information we are already willing to share with our clients but stay tuned for other announcements this coming year!

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