We’re finally launching our own Newsletter !

Newsletter announcement

Communication is always a struggle.

Whether it is to keep in touch with companies whose products you like, to stay updated on the latest version or innovation regarding a product you already have, or to stay in the loop regarding state of the art technologies used in your industry.

Or just simply to stay in touch with individuals we like to work with !

To this effect, we’re launching today the BOSSA NOVA Vision Newsletter.

Don’t expect daily or even weekly updates from us but an update once every few months to stay in touch with us and stay up to date with what we are working on.

There is a limit to how much  a 4-person company can do every week after all.

Updates from us will include :

  • New products available for sale
  • Software updates for all existing users of our systems
  • Hardware upgrades newly developed for existing systems
  • Communication about ongoing development of new products
  • Communication about events or conference we will be attending and where you can visit and talk to us directly

And eventually other topics that we haven’t thought about yet !

You can subscribe by entering your name and email below. And feel free to contact us directly if you have any feedback !


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