BOLERO MONO – For diameter/ellipticity hair fiber measurement

BOSSA NOVA Vision is pleased to announce the launch of a new cosmetic testing system : the BOLERO MONO.

The goal with this new product is to provide an imaging system capable of measuring the diameter and the ellipticity of a single fiber :

” Using a powerful microscopic lens, the BOLERO MONO is able to image a single hair fiber with a resolution down to the micrometer. The rotation of the sample and the acquisition of its silhouette are automatic, and lead to the full 3D reconstruction of the fiber. Diameter and ellipticity of the fiber can then be easily calculated. “

More technical information will soon be made public on a dedicated product page. In the meantime, the official brochure is available below. If you have more specific questions, you can also contact us directly. We’ll be happy to answer any inquiry !


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