SPIE Conference 2018 : Scientific Sensing and Imaging

SPIE polarization camera scientific imaging full stokes article publication

Mohamed El-Ketara will be representing BOSSA NOVA Technologies during the Scientific Sensing and Imaging conference organized by SPIE in Orlando, Florida, from the 15th to the 19th of April. He will be presenting our work on :

Imaging through haze using multispectral polarization imaging method

In almost every practical scenario the light reflected from a surface is scattered in the atmosphere before it reaches a sensor. While this effect can be a little annoying for the amateur photograph trying to take a picture, it can have disastrous consequences for unmanned autonomous vehicle navigating through fog for instance. By employing a clever combination of spectral bands and polarization analysis, coupled with advanced image processing techniques, significant improvements have been achieved on fog obscurant using the excellent performance of the existing passive full Stokes polarization imaging camera for visible light “SALSA” (developed by Bossa Nova Technologies).


All the details on the conference are available on the SPIE conference program.


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