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R&D Optical Scientist

Duties are as follows:

  • Designs optical systems with specific characteristics to fit within specified physical limits of precision optical instruments, such as still- and motion-picture cameras, lens systems, telescopes, and viewing and display devices
  • Determines specifications for operations and makes adjustments to calibrate and obtain specified operational performance.
  • Determines proper operation of optical system and makes adjustments to perfect system.
  • Designs opto-mechanical mounts for components to hold them in proper planes in relation to each other and instrument in which they will be used.
  • Designs optical inspection instruments to test samples for optical characteristics, such as surface and volume scattering properties.
  • May work with electronics and mechanical engineering staff to develop overall design of optical system.
  • Performs laboratory / on –site measurement using optical system such as polarization camera.
  • Writes technical proposal and technical report to present experimental results.

Required experience :

  • Minimum Master’s degree in relevant field (optical science or related)

Salary Range :

  •  $90,626.00 per year

Location :

  • Bossa Nova Vision LLC located in Los Angeles, CA
  • For exact address, see our Contact Us page


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